Provo Clarinet Lessons

"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy" – L.V. Beethoven


Welcome to Provo Clarinet Lessons. I am Vanesa Young and I teach private clarinet lessons in the Provo area. Some basic information is included here on the home page for your convenience.

Lessons: Lessons are once a week in half hour or one hour sessions

    30 Minute Lesson: $20/Lesson
    1 Hour Lesson: $35/Lesson
    *A student’s first half hour lesson is free.

Some resources on where to get a clarinet and materials can be found on the Resources page.

My Blog page contains information about upcoming concerts, new resources and learning aides, and any and all things related to playing the clarinet.

The About page tells you more about myself and my qualifications.

The Policies page contains my policies that you agree to follow by taking lessons.

For further information, contact me. My contact information can be found on the Contact page. Additionally, you can fill out the form below:



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