Provo Clarinet Lessons

"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy" – L.V. Beethoven

Heart wrenching Clarinet music

As one of my dear friends asked me to share my favorite music to share. I thought, what could be relevant and at the same time show all the wonderful qualities of the clarinet? The answer was, Copland’s clarinet Concerto. The beginning is so peaceful, ethereal and calm just like a spring afternoon. It evolves though to a high point with the strings that is so heart wrenching that it has brought tears to my eyes before. Later in the piece it transitions to a more upbeat, jazzy melody with intricate solos, dashing to the altissimo range of the clarinet, when you think, “it cannot possibly go any higher”, it does many times. The ending of this piece is extraordinary fast, audacious and demanding to any clarinetist. Another music that will pull your heart strings is The second movement of Poulenc’s clarinet sonata. This movement starts with a quiet, almost subdued melody which increasingly becomes louder followed by a piano solo. It stretches the clarinet altissimo range with an amazing run that leads to a forte which sounds like a cry of sorts. The energy of this movement winds down to a peaceful, lethargic low register on pianissimo until the note dies there. Lastly, W. A. Mozart clarinet quintet in A major on the largetto movement there is a profoundly melancholic tune on the clarinet with the incredible color and texture of the strings it’s beautiful to listen to. Chamber music itself it was mostly performed in small settings in its beginnings making it a more intimate experience for the listener. What are your favorites?, what music moves you?


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