Provo Clarinet Lessons

"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy" – L.V. Beethoven


Clarinet Renting/Buying

  • Summerhays – This is a great way to rent an instrument and over time own it. The closest store to Provo is in Orem. They also have accessories, sheet music, reeds, and gifts for musicians in general.
  • Bert Murdock Music – They rent clarinets here as well and sell them, too. You can find clarinet accessories here as well.
  • Woodwind & Brasswind – This is a great place to get reeds and clarinet accessories if you don’t mind the wait. I love that during the summer and even Christmas they have reeds on sale which is amazing!
  • ProWinds – This website also has clarinet accessories that are not extremely expensive, as well as reeds, cases, humidifiers, etc.

Favorite Clarinetists